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Are you paid to make deliveries?

When delivering goods for others and receiving payment for it, drivers must have Hire and Reward insurance, irrespective of whether they deliver hot meals for a local takeaway in their car, or deliver full loads of refrigerators, washing machines, or dishwashers in a van, for a large manufacturer or distributor.

If you are uncertain about which policy to purchase or searching for a cheaper quote, a panel of specialist insurers is available to help you through our partners Prudent Plus Limited.

Is there such a thing as cheap hire and reward insurance?

The perception of cheapness is subjective. However, there are strategies for reducing the cost. While it is an essential business expense, specialists can help you save money and obtain adequate coverage that complies with the law and provides proper protection.

What actually IS hire and reward insurance?

Hire and Reward insurance is a type of coverage that protects delivery drivers or transport companies paid for delivering goods they do not own, including cooked or pre-prepared meals, parcels for comanies like Amazon or DHL, household goods, car spares, or even major pieces of machinery, in exchange for payment. It is an addition to standard car or van insurance policies and is legally mandatory for these drivers.

Several types of hire and reward insurance exist, making it crucial to acquire appropriate coverage. Hire and reward policies are typically designed for specific business uses. A policy covering fast food deliveries to customers' homes differs from one for a driver employed by a company like Currys delivering microwave ovens, which is distinct from a company with lorries transporting scrap metal. Insurers perceive them as facing diverse risks, which determines the type of goods that can be carried, their destination, the mode of transportation, the individual operating the vehicle, and other factors that are strictly specified. Thus, although it might sound unbelievable, many taxi drivers might refuse to collect a curry from a takeaway for a customer; since it would likely violate their insurance terms!

Is hire and reward insurance the same as courier cover?

There is little distinction between courier, delivery, and haulage insurance, as they all constitute forms of hire and reward insurance. However, insurers require information on the frequency of deliveries, the type of goods transported, and the geographic area covered. Therefore, several types of coverage exist.

Why does it cost more?

The claims record for food delivery drivers is higher than average for several reasons. For instance, drivers delivering takeaway food frequently work in the evenings or late at night, increasing the risk of accidents, especially while using a navigation system in the dark. They are expected to operate in adverse weather conditions since customers are more likely to remain indoors in inclement weather. Additionally, freshly prepared food must be delivered quickly while it is still fresh.

All this translates into higher risk for insurers since drivers may be tempted to drive recklessly to deliver the hot food on time. This is why obtaining quotes for this type of insurance can be difficult.

Conversely, an Amazon delivery driver may have numerous parcel deliveries to make (often far more than a food courier would make in a single day) but these are primarily during daylight hours. If a delivery is late, it may cause annoyance for the customer, and perhaps a complaint,but it is not always a catastrophe; and this is why insurers see different risks in each kind of work.

To sum up:

It is critical to purchase the right insurance policy covering the type of work you undertake. Although having a hire and reward policy does not imply automatic coverage for delivering particular products, a panel of experienced brokers can provide quotes for various delivery drivers to compare. So, obtaining quotes is highly recommended.

Insurance is crucial for drivers delivering urgent parcels in Britain as it provides essential financial protection against potential risks such as theft, damage, accidents, and liability claims. Obtaining appropriate insurance coverage is necessary to ensure the safety and efficiency of delivering urgent parcels to their intended destinations, and drivers should take necessary steps to secure their cargo and protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances.

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